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First Visit

Our primary purpose during the first visit is to introduce your child to the office environment. At this time, we will examine your child's teeth for cavities that may need repair and also those that can be maintained through oral hygiene, sealants, and fluoride. We will also examine your child's soft tissues and check for orthodontic problems.

If your child is in pain, we will make a special effort to put your child at ease while relieving the pain as soon as possible.

As a general rule, we allow parents to accompany their children into the treatment area. If, however, your child becomes uncooperative, we may have to ask you to leave until your child cooperates.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany the child to the first visit. A photo ID for the parent/guardian is also required during this visit. After the initial visit, if a grandparent or someone other than parent/legal guardian is accompanying the child, they must bring a note from the parent/legal guardian granting the accompanying adult permission to make medical and financial decisions.

Before Your Child's First Visit

Please discuss the positive aspects of dentistry with your child. Remind your child that a dentist visit is a sign that he or she is growing up.

You can help your child overcome misconceptions or anxiety about the dentist by explaining that the visit will be about things such us "counting teeth", "taking pictures", and "brushing teeth".

Please don't tell your child "the dentist will not hurt you" because this may have never entered his/her mind in the first place. Instead, you may wish to assure your child that Dr. De La Roche is friendly and gentle, and that she is a special dentist who takes care of children.

Avoid references to "needles", "shots", "teeth being pulled", "drilling", "hurting" or any words suggesting unpleasantness. This only serves to frighten the child.

Expect your child to do well and enjoy his/her visit to our office and chances are he/she will do exactly that.

Required Forms

To help prepare you for your first visit to the office, please download these forms and fill them out ahead of time.

If you are unable to do so, we ask that you arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early so that you may fill the forms out in the office.

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