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IV Sedation Information Sheet

If Dr. De La Roche has recommended that treatment for your child be performed using IV sedation with Dr. Martz, the following information will help you to prepare for your appointment.

Dr. Martz will provide anesthesia services for your child while Dr De La Roche performs the dental procedures. This service is provide at Tender Care Pediatric Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, PA In order to better care for your child and maximize safety we arranged a protocol as follows.

  1. You will receive an information sheet with your appointment date and approximate time.
  2. Dr. Martz will call you one or two days before the scheduled appointment date to discuss all the information you have provided and answer any questions you have about sedation. No sedation services will be provided without a phone interview first.
  3. If your child has a history of asthma, reactive airway disease, recurrent pneumonia, croup or your child is recovering from or has an active cold, please contact us two or three days before the appointment. It is very important you inform Dr. Martz if your child has a strong history of snoring, large tonsils or adenoids.
  4. If you anticipate that you will be difficult to contact by phone it will be your obligation to contact us two to three days before your child's appointment.
  5. Your child will not be able to have any food after midnight the night before the procedure. Clear fluids will be allowed if Dr. Martz indicates to you that it is permitted. Remember, if your child is allowed to have clear fluids, DO NOT GIVE your child MILK, ORANGE JUICE, GUM, CANDY, ETC. Parents should eat their own breakfast away from the child. You can not leave the building premises after the procedure starts while your child is sedated.
  6. Bring an extra set of comfortable clothes for your child in the event that there is an "accident". A few patients have wet themselves.
  7. Bring another adult so one of you can sit beside your child on the ride home.
  8. We strive to keep appointments on time, but just like with any surgery, the appointment time should be considered a guideline. It is not uncommon for one patient's appointment to be longer than anticipated and this might cause some delays in start times for subsequent patients.
  9. When you are released to go home, follow the written instructions that the doctor gives you.